Is it better to cut trees down in winter?

While a tree or stump can be removed at any time of the year, the best time to remove it is during winter. Removing dormant trees and stumps during the winter not only ensures proper nutrition for surrounding plants, but also means that they endure less damage. The cold of winter protects the trees after a pruning. Any cut in a tree (just like a cut in the skin) is an opening for infection.

Microbes and pests can use these wounds as an entrance to the tree, which can lead to the development of diseases. However, in winter, many pests are also dormant. Bacteria, fungi, and insects are less likely to infect a pruned tree in winter. As we have already discussed, the ideal time to cut down trees is during winter when they are inactive, but you may need to remove the trees during other times of the year depending on several factors.

It is more economical to remove trees during the winter. The main reason is supply and demand. There is very little work to be done for tree removal services, so they lower their prices in an attempt to earn more work. You should check your city's tree conservation ordinance to find out the types of trees you can remove.

The fact that the tree is idle is an added bonus, as tree contractors see it as an easier job and are more likely to quote you a cheaper price. In your city's tree removal ordinance, they will typically recommend or, in some cases, insist that you use a certified arborist for all tree trimming and removal work. Trees can be pruned at any time of the year, but winter is optimal due to the dormancy of the trees. Tree removal companies may offer lower prices during the winter, as not many people need tree services.

You may have heard that trees are cheaper to remove in winter or that summer will always be the most expensive time to remove them. You'll notice dead, dying, or sick branches on the tree while the leaves are still dull, and you can reach them for easier trimming or cutting. Tree arborist services normally carry out tree removal throughout the year, but there is a dramatic drop in demand for their services during the colder months. The only problem is that you may have to pay more to cut down trees during the high season, when tree companies are very busy.

Other factors that will add to the cost of removal are access to the tree and the tree service you hire to do so. You can also cut down trees that are infested or sick to prevent them from spreading to nearby trees and plants. Yes, anything related to trees is going to be cheaper in the colder months and this includes pruning trees, removing stumps, inspecting trees, etc. Trees that can be cut down from the base are much cheaper than trees that need a climber or cherry picker to remove them.

In reality, it has less to do with the best time of year for the tree and more to do with the best time of year to hire tree service companies.

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