Why is it important to maintain trees?

Trees contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, improving air quality, improving climate, conserving water, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. During the photosynthesis process, trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce the oxygen we breathe. Owning a home comes with a lot of responsibilities. Not only do you have to maintain and repair things inside your house, but also outside.

It's easy to overlook the trees and shrubs in your home. After all, not many people know what a dying tree looks like. But neglecting the trees on your property can cost you a pretty penny in the long run. That's why you need to hire a tree pruning service at least once a year.

Trees contract diseases when they are not treated. Trimming infected branches is the perfect solution to maintain the good health of your tree. Be sure to check your tree frequently for fungus and remove any branches that may be infected. Pruning your trees frequently will slow the spread of diseases to other branches.

If the affected twigs are not pruned, it can ruin the entire forest. Some tree infections are contagious if they reach the roots. In severe cases, you should remove all your trees if an infectious disease attacks them. This is common in figs, a common fruit tree in Montgomery County and the surrounding Maryland area.

Trees help improve and maintain water, soil and air quality and remove pollutants from the air. Trees absorb carbon dioxide as they grow, and the carbon they store in their wood helps slow the pace of global warming. You can prevent diseases from spreading to the rest of your trees, prevent damage to your property caused by falling trees during storms, and maintain the structural shape of your trees by pruning them. Not only do unmaintained trees have a higher risk of infestation and infection, but they can also spread the problem to other nearby trees.

Proper tree maintenance not only makes your wallet thicker by reducing energy costs, it also helps maintain the quality of your natural environment. Tree ordinances generally generate fees that are used to maintain trees on municipally-owned land and rights-of-way.

Donna Kaak
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